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Survivor Season Rankings
I've revised my rankings for my prior Survivor Rankings thing. I have seen every season besides Vanuatu, Palau, and Guatemala but I'm re watching the seasons that had outdated opinions, so I'll update when needed. 

The colors go as:
Bullet; Pink Top Notch
Bullet; Blue Great
Bullet; Green Nice
Bullet; Yellow Alright
Bullet; Orange Not Good
Bullet; Red Bad
Bullet; Black Awful

Okay, on to my Explanations.

Bullet; Pink 1. Pearl Islands (Season 7)
Ugh, this season is GREATNESS. The pre-merge was exciting, the merge was fun, the Pirate theme was exquisite, The characters were GREAT, the Outcasts Twists gave meaning to returning players (Looking at you RI and SoPa), and Sandra. Come on.
Bullet; Pink 2. Kaoh Rong (Season 32)
This season basically shows Survivor's still got it. AUBRY and what came with her were perfection. Cambodia felt new despite the fact that we already saw it last season. And I liked how med-evacs were kind of a theme. This season was BRUTAL! And the characters were OUTSTANDING and the Merge? Oh the Merge! The only things I disliked were Michele's edit (I really wish they showed why she deserved to win, as I was pretty disappointed with Aubry's loss). And another BvBvB could've waited, but it thankfully felt different.
Bullet; Blue 3. Cagayan (Season 28)
BvBvB was SUCH a good idea and it was very nice to see three tribes once more. During the 3 tribe phase, It was CRAZY and J'Tia is someone that I'm OBSESSED with while also hurting me every time I watch her. Tony is easily one of the BEST winners we've had imo but I felt like he was TOO untouchable (FUCK the Tyler Perry idol). Also, FINAL 2 MAKES ITS GLORIOUS RETURN <333. It was just a very great season with great characters to boot.
Bullet; Blue 4. Gabon (Season 17)
Underated as HELL. The new location was so nice and it was just absolutely unpredictable. Marcus lost, Kenny lost, Matty lost. And guess who won? The goddamn science teacher from Maine and professional bowtie buff maker, Bob lmao. The Merge was FILLED with amazingness, Corrine, Kenny, Crytsal, Sugar, Randy, Suzie, and Bob were so likeable and turn around for the Fang Alliance was so epic. Guys, WATCH GABON PLEASE!
Bullet; Blue 5. San Juan Del Sur (Season 29)
The first time I watched it, I HATED it hahah. The premerge was pretty uneventful and once Kelley got booted, I was like, "Yeah I'm done." The players didn't really feel like Survivor players and although I did enjoy the Duels and Exile Island's return, for once in it's life, Redemption Island felt like it'd be better. However, I've learned the great appeal of this season. I deeply appreciate how it was still Blood vs. Water, but they tried really hard to make it fresh, which was nice. Also, that Merge! The Pre Merge may have been pretty uneventful, but it wasn't unbearable and it was still short. Also, the loved ones twist felt more ALIVE this time and it really played more into the season (mainly Jonclyn). Overall, it was just such a great season and stayed fresh from the OG BvW.
Bullet; Blue 6. Heroes vs. Villains (Season 20)
Pretty much considered the "Best Survivor Season Ever," which would be true if there weren't some shortcomings. Sandra won again! Parvati was the best she's ever been! Jerri did really well! The Hero and Villain rivalry was so perfect and EXCITING. The great was GREAT, but the bad was pretty bad. First off, the cast was a little bit disappointing in some aspects as a few contestants for the 10th Anniversary and 20 Season were kind of a letdown. Danielle, Candace, and some others I didn't think should've been there. I didn't DETEST Russell, but I hated how it was pretty much the Russell show back to back. Also, the Heroes were kind of fucking stupid and ruined Sandra's MULTIPLE plans on flipping on the Villains. Overall, it was a very good season that I love rewatching over and over again, but the flawa keep it out of the Top 3.
Bullet; Blue 7. Blood vs. Water (Season 27)
Okay so this season is great. Redemption Island was actually mad good and the people they brought back were weird, but in the best way. I found the winner to be real disappointing (Tina shoulda been The next 2 Time Winner wtf) and too many loved ones got eliminated first. But it was so good though, I loved it.
Bullet; Blue 8. Philippines (Season 25)
The Season that brought Survivor out of its hole  of bad season after bad season. First of all Three Tribes makes a wonderful return even if Matsing lost every challenge. ANd Denise and Malcolm were total goals. TBH Denise is one of the best winners having survived every single tribal counsel which is straight up impressive. Having the idea of the 3 returnees was great too. Russel was funny with his crazy downfall and Penner had an eccellent run too. I've really never liked Skupin, but he was the OG med evac so it was nice to see him. Also hi Abi how the fuck are you girl <3
Bullet; Blue 9. China (Season 15)
China: such a CRAZY location to film in, and I love it. I'm a major fan of seasons that revolve around the culture surrounding the location and its better than ever here. Plus, the cast was very good too. Todd's win was so impressive and Courtney is sooo funny. Jame and Peih Gee were so great and their rivalry was so good. Denise was definitely the worst part about this season and I felt that the Tribe Swap they did was a little unfair.
Bullet; Green 10. Cambodia (Season 31)
Let's get an All-Star season with people who need a second shot at the million. How do we make it better? The audience creates the cast. While a little controversial and the fact that Shane and T-Bird got ROBBED makes me want to bitchslap anyone who didn't vote for them lol, it was generally a successful idea. I'm a little disappointed with a few tarnished legacies (Tasha and Spencer amoung others) Kelley Wentworth and the Witches Coven SLAYED my life. Jeremy was an okay winner, but the season tried something new and it generally worked.
Bullet; Green 11. Amazon (Season 6)
This season was so funny. First off, ROB. Rob, Rob, Rob. He was so smart and just changed the game for the better. Thanks Rob lol. The idea of Battle of the Sexes was so good. Seeing the way the two genders acted with tribes with only one sex was so fascinating. EASILY my favorite scene was when the women were planning for immunity and epic war drums and shit were playing, and then the men were fantasizing about the women and it was hilarious. Also the cast was great, and Jenna is pretty underrated.
Bullet; Green 12. Millennials vs. Gen X (Season 33)
First of all, shitty ass title but whatever. I found the season to be a very "good" season. Nothing more, nothing less. I enjoyed the Pre-Merge alot, although it was a little but slow and like ALL the minority women were booted wtf. But the Merge was good and they did the "Third Tribe Twist" correctly. I feel really bad for Adam's mom, but I couldn't stand the cocky little shit and I hated the constant crying. Overall, it was good. Plus I love me some Michaela.
Bullet; Green 13. Micronesia (Season 16)
The Season is just so... overrated. Yes, it was good, but there was a lot wrong with it too. Of course Parvati and the Black Widow brigade was so good. Where has Natalie Bolton been in any returnee season?? However, the Fans vs. Favorites idea fell a little flat. The Fans weren't very too good and they were set up for failure. Even some of the favorites were a little questionable. Plus it kind of sucked they got swapped so early. Overall, yeah it was good and also a quintessential survivor season, but chill you guys, it wasn't THAT good.
Bullet; Green 14. Africa (Season 3)
Again like MvG, it was good. Good winner, good characters, and good location. I loved how they had to guard their camp and this was the first time there was a tribe swap. It was pretty successful! Ethan was a good winner too and Kim goes a little bit under appreciated. She chose to take Ethan because she knew she couldn't win but wanted Ethan to win over Lex. Also Clarence and Kelly were really funny too. Good season.
Bullet; Yellow 14. Panama (Season 12)
Idk man, I just wasn't really feeling this season. Yes, Casaya is AMAZING and the alliance was so fucking funny. But Aras was such a meh winner and the Merge didn't do much for me. Exile Island had a pretty rocky start and the idea of getting rid of the 4 tribes after a single vote was pretty stupid. It was good, but I didn't enjoy it too much.
Bullet; Yellow 15. South Pacific (Season 23) 
Okay I Literally Just re-watched South Pacific for the first time since I saw it live, and it really wasn't horrible? Like there was some good to it. Btw, this was my first Survivor Season ever (kind of a terrible intro but I still enjoyed it as a young lad). First off, Pre-merge was tense asf. The tribe rivalry was SO strong and it was great. It sadly led to a Pagong-ing, but you can't deny it made for an enertaining Pre. Also the finale was pretty good and Sophie is SUCH an underrated winner. And I swear I'll kill someone if Christine never returns ever. She was such a badass. Anyways, not too good of a season, but it really had its moments.
Bullet; Yellow  16. Thailand (Season 5)
Guys, this season is so underrated! Like I understand the complaints, but I guess I went into this season with such negative reviews so I set the bar loooooooooooooooooooow. Like, it was interesting how Chuay Gahn had a losing streak, and then made this great comeback which was so exciting for me. Also, Brian was so good and was disturbingly slick.
Bullet; Yellow  17. Cook Islands (Season 13)
This season was just, flawed. Like there was some good towards it, Yul was a good (but kind of vanilla) winner who I'm still waiting to return. Plus, it was the first time a Mutiny occurred! The Aitu Four was pretty stupid and the Merge just SUCKED.
Bullet; Orange 18. One World (Season 24)
This season had potential but totally under delivered. Kim was an outstanding winner but made the season way too predictable. On the re-watch, the season was actually really good but that was just because I knew what happened. The cast was really good too, and I'm waiting for a shit ton of them to return! Also, it's hard to not talk about One World without talking about well, One World! It is an INGENIOUS idea that was sadly under utilized. Basically, I'd recommenced you re-watch it, and you may enjoy yourself.
Bullet; Orange 19. All Stars (Season 8)
Shout out to tarnished legacies! Most of the cast was really disappointing and the "we hate winners" mantra throughout the season was fucking DUMB. First off, ROB CESTERNINO WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BUD. But Shii Ann was such a savage omg. And who thought THESE people were All-Stars?? It kind of sucked and Amber and Boston Rob were nasty, yeah.
Bullet; Orange 20. CaraMOAN (Season 26)
""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Fans"""""""""""""""""""""""""""" vs. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""Favorites""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
Guys what the hell. First of all these Fans were like recruits and these Favorites were puke worthy.  Malcolm, Brenda, and Andrea: yeah sure. B & A are a little similar but still. Corrine and Erik: yes yes oh hell yes. These two were unexpected, but amazing choices. And Dawn was a good choice although unexpected. And then Cochran and Phillip were expected, although terrible choices. And Brandon and Francesca? The Fuck? Also, people need to CHILL with Cochran love. And by people I mean Jeff, fuck. He wasn't a goddamn challenge beast the challenge he won WITHOUT an advantage was a fucking eating competition, chill. On the rewatch, it was okay but really not a good season, like whatsoever.
Bullet; Red Worlds Afart (Season 30)
I am...............................................................................................................................................................................................
Pre-Merge was so amazing whyyyyyyyyyyyyy..... Also, that's the only reason it doesn't land on black. But like Dan, Will, and Rodney were this trifecta of, FUCK. Jesus shit. And then Mike won, which was a fucking relief, only because everyone else were so suicide inducing. Ugh this season is FILTH and ugh.
Bullet; Black Redempshit Island (Season 22)
I just don't even want to explain. You know why this season is so bad. At least the Pre-Merge wasn't barf inducing? Yeah, NEVER watch this season. It was an absolute insult to survivor fans and it makes me so sad. Goodnight everybody.
Total Drama Island Character Rankings
I just rewatched the entire Total Drama Island season the other day ago and I wanted to write down my rankings of the characters.
Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas everyone <3

I decided just to doodle Santa from 999 on MS Paint lol
I did a little doodle of Maya Fey from the Ace Attourney series. I'm trying to improve on my drawing so please, i love you constructive criticism!
Cynthia 'Alolan Form'
With the Battle Tree being revealed for Sun and Moon, I created what I would've liked Cynthia to look like. Enjoy~


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